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When the Mariachi is hiding behind the bar during the big shootout the shadow of the camera man is clearly visible. - David
In this same scene, the Mariachi has two pistols that are loaded, but in a shot a few seconds later the slides on the gun are back indicating he is out of bullets... but he didn't fire the guns between the two shots, so how did the guns become empty? - David
In this same scene Cheech is shot. Then the scene cuts to a wide shot of the area where he is shot (while the Mariachi is shooting with the bookkeeper) and Cheech's body is gone...that's fine, but in the next shot Cheech's body is there again. - David
In the last shootout, the shadow of the camera man is visible throughout. - David
When the Mariachi kicks the guy up in the air and shoots the sh-t out of him, there is a shot of Banderas firing his pistolas at the camera. If you watch in slow-mo, the power from the blank guns caused the matte-box on the camera to fall off and get in the frame. - David


Near the end where the swat team took Mathilda hostage a couple guys bumped into the wall and the wall bounced in! - Dr. CrawfordA
Mathilda's money should not be neatly wrapped as she darts away from the detectives entering her old apartment. - Dr. Crawford
Mathilda's school calls her home and the caller says that the school is in Wildwood NJ. When Mathilda returns to the school it is on Roosevelt Island, NY. - Dr. Crawford
When Stansfield breaks into Mathilda's house he is shown smashing stuff in the kitchen with a pan, while he does this watch his lower right hand part of his back, you can see the battery pack for the microphone! - Dr. Crawford
When Gary Oldman (Stansfield) shoots Mathilda's pappy in the back, there are no bullet wounds, later (right before he shoots him up close), there are bullet wounds. - David
When the SWAT team fires an explosive round into Leon's apartment you can see the explosive is on a thin wire that guides it where to go. - David
In the first scene, Leon drinks a glass of milk and puts the cup down empty, but if you look in the reflection of his glasses, you will see that it is full. - David
When the guy with dreadlocks is looking through the records, he sets down his gun facing toward the camera. In the next shot, the gun has suddenly moved away from the camera, and then when the angle switches again it is facing the camera once more. - David
(This is only in the unrated international version titled "Leon") When Leon and Mathilda are in the restaurant drinking wine, the amount of wine in Mathilda's glass changes while she is drinking it. - David
When Leon shoots the holes around the air conditioner so Mathilda can escape through it, the amount of holes in the wall changes when the camera switches angles. - David
When Mathilda is talking to the lady who works at the school, she says that ------ died that morning, but after ----- dies they show Mathilda wandering around at night. So if ----- died that morning does that mean that it was pitch black dark in the day and bright and sunny in the afternoon? - David
At the beginning of the film, when the fat guy is firing his uzi through the wall at Leon, there are way more bullet holes in the wall than the amount of bullets that one uzi can carry. - David
This goof is only in the uncut international version entitled "Leon": When Leon and Mathilda break into the drug-dealer's apartment and Mathilda shoots him with the paintballs, the paint on the guy's shirt changes a few times. - David


The scene where Vincent and Jules shoot a guy, you can see, if you look carefully, the bullet hole in the wall before the gun is even shot.
"It seems to be possible that the holes might have been there for other reasons, it's not a great apartment, but it could be a mistake in editing." - QT FAQ.
The red marker dot is gone from Mia Wallace's chest when the needle goes in.
The dialogue in the restaurant scene at the beginning of the movie changes in what is supposed to be the same scene at the end. In the first scene Honey Bunny shouts "Any of you fucking pigs move and I'll execute every motherfucking last one of you!" But at the end this changes to "Any of you fucking pigs move and I'll execute every one of you motherfuckers!". This almost seems too obvious to be unintentional. - Mathew Franks
If I recall correctly, Plummer says "pricks" not "pigs". But that's irrelevant in this case. Anywho, I found an explanation to the "goof" above, read below:
Why are Honey Bunny's lines different from the beginning of the film and at the end?
"A lot of people think this was probably a mistake. It has also been thought by some that Tarantino was showing us the difference between perceptions of different people in the diner, the second time being Jules' perception. It is interesting to note that in a early version of the script the difference isn't there, but it was added in a later version." - QT FAQ

I don't know if this is considered as a goof, but all of the analog clocks are set to 4:10 p.m. - Vic Cherubini
Correction: Actually all the clocks were set to 4:20 not 4:10. It's a marijuana thing and it was purposely done that way. - Kerry
Correction: No, I thought so also until I actually watched the movies for the clocks. When the kid gets the watch it is set at 9:00. I also heard the 4:20 rumor and was disappointed to find out it was not true. - DaJeepman
In a short scene showing Bonnie arriving from work, the cameraman follows her as she walks towards the kitchen (to find her husband, Vincent and Jules lifting Marvin's body). As she turns left, you can see the cameraman's shadow on the wall. - Yann Ropers
The bible verse that Jules quotes is not ezekiel 25:, nor is it found anywhere in the bible. - David
In fact, only the last sentence and part of the second last sentence is in the bible.
Comment: Oh and as for what I wrote about the bible verse, I should not have labeled this a mistake, but simply something funny. It's kind of odd that a verse so close to Jules is something that he has written most of. And then later in the restaurant, he analyzes his own words pretty much! - David
Comment: I've finally found the origin of Jules' Bible verse speech. It mostly comes from "The Bodyguard" a Kung Fu film from the 70's not that Houston/Costner piece of crap. It's almost lifted word for word. Funny how Jules then proceeds to analyze a speech from a movie....wait that's exactly what I'm doing. Oh darn. - David
When Marvin is shot in the face, pieces of his skull all over the backseat of the car as Jules says, but when Marvin is shown in the trunk his face is completely intact. - David
The thing is that the bullet penetrates his face nicely and splatters the back of his head completely.
Another thing; the Marvin-situation was supposed to be a longer scene. Marvin was supposed to be shot and not die and Jules and Vincent were supposed to stop the car, drag Marvin out and put him out of his misery, or something along those lines.
When Jules grabs the hamburger that is from big kahuna burgers it clearly is at first a McDonald's cheeseburger, and then later it has lettuce and other different things. This might be the other way around I can't remember. - David
When Marvin gets shot in the head, in the view from the outside rear of the car (right before head explodes) you can see that John Travolta's head & body is turned away from the back seat, not facing him as seen right before from the view inside the car. - Scott

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